I copyedit fiction and non-fiction copy which involves checking a document for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage. I also check for accuracy of information such as dates, historical data, timeline inconsistencies and more. I consistently apply your chosen editorial style (CMOS, APA, in house style guide) and ensure all elements stay consistent (headings, titles, numbering, etc.) I also check to make sure that all necessary information is included (captions, headings, web links, etc.), flag citations and any instances where copyright acknowledgement or permission to reproduce may be required.

I proofread fiction and non-fiction copy which is generally done when material is ready to be published. I review the document again for grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage. I check the most recent copy of the material to the print-ready version to ensure no copy has been missed. I also review the document for layout errors such as incorrect font, widows and orphans, ill-fitting text, page breaks, rivers and lakes, table and figure formatting and bad line and word breaks.


I write and edit business materials including (but not limited to) marketing material, policy and procedure manuals, sales check lists, customer letters, sales form letters, etc. I can also do a refresh on material you’ve already been using in your business to update letterhead, add graphics or just freshen up the material. 

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A manuscript critique gives a general assessment of your novel focusing on such areas as character development, point of view, pacing, plot structure, theme and consistency. It does not look at things like grammar, punctuation and spelling but gives you an overview of your novels strengths, for you to build on and its weaknesses, for you to build up.

manuscript critique